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In BPS Pack we work continuously hard to make that your package reach its destination by the date scheduled.

If you find that any of your packages were not delivered, please contact us and we will conduct a research to locate it and deliver it.

In case that the package is lost you can claim it and, after the claiming process is complete and lost is confirmed, the package cost may be refunded following the regulations and established policies, up to the amount declared. 

(We are not responsible for damages. Coverage is limited to lost shipments (no damages), up to: a) US$100; or, b) the value declared; or, c) the real value of the items; whichever is less. When insurance coverage is purchased in the shipment, the coverage is limited up to: a) the value declared; or, b) the real value of the items; whichever is less. Claims must be presented within three days of package is received.)



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